Blood Bowl

Last year I played Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl with a group. I had a lousy Lizardman team in this fantasy take on American football. The group’s interest waned and we stopped playing some time ago. However, I was still interested in the game, so I was keen to try out a Java application that enabled me to play Blood Bowl with my friends over the Internet. You can find a link here.

The game is delightfully fast and easy. I imagine it might be a tad confusing for a newcomer, but we had a blast. I don’t know whether we’ll actually start to keep records on team experience and match results and everything all over again, but the actual play is fun. Recommended to all old fans of the game. You can find leagues online.

I’ve played a handful of matches via the Java version now, losing all of them. My orcs really keep getting pushed around by the elves. I’ve always hated the elf teams, they seem to have no weaknesses. It does feel very good to stomp on them when they’re down, though. The game works very well, we haven’t encountered any bugs. If only the team upkeep could be automated, too, without having to resort to the manual at all.






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