Epic miniatures

I came across an almost pristine copy of Games Workshop’s Space Marine (1st edition of the current Epic system). I hold the game dear. As a kid, I had a good-sized Blood Angels army. I remember being humiliated by a friend’s Squat (aka space-dwarves. No, really!) army time and time again.

So yesterday I evaluated the contents of the box, assembled the cardboard buildings and washed the miniatures. I set aside two vehicles and four squads. The box holds twice as many Space Marines as it does Orks and Eldars, so I thought I’d paint two varieties of Space Marines.

My first instinct was to recreate my childhood army, but frankly, the all-red force is boring, and the Ork army will most likely sport black and red as their colors. Since I always wanted an Ultramarines force but was too much of a deviant to go for the obvious choice (they’re featured on the box coverart), now it’s time to indulge myself.

The other Space Marine army I always wanted is the Space Wolves. Their white and grey ought to be simple to reproduce.

With these two armies selected, I began experimenting with the paint schemes. The Ultramarines were easy; just simple blue with highlights. I believe they’ll look all right with little effort.


Two Ultramarines squads. These guys are really small. The scale is 6 mm, so a trooper is about the height of a regular 25-30 mm miniature’s foot! Also, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the base. It’s a street-grey, now, but I’m thinking of making it brown and maybe adding some texture with sand.
Space Wolves Land Raider with supporting troops. This is the same vehicle that’s in the post’s title image. It turned out fine. You can’t see it from this angle, but the doors have been accented with white, sort of like UN vehicles, with a unique unit designation – in this case, “I”. I was thinking of maybe painting the guns with the chapter colors, too, instead of the usual gunmetal and black.
Two squads of Space Wolves. These are the same guys as in the picture above, but they’re here in proper focus. I had a lot of trouble getting the paint scheme right. Plain grey and white looked boring. The squad on the left is the result of three attempts at a plain grey or white base, black ink and light grey highlights. Not too convincing.The squad on the right I’m pretty happy with. I went for a straight white coat, with a black helmet as an accent, washed with brown ink, shoulders cleaned and the whole squad highlighted with white. Now they look all grimy and seasoned, as they should! The bases haven’t been cleaned yet.
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Kai said…
Oh wow, glad to see the game get some attention.The Space Wolves on the right are really gritty-looking, I agree. If you can get a whole bunch looking like that, they’d look awesome.Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the rest. Have you had a chance to look at the rules at all? Are they completely whack?
Joonas said…
I haven’t checked the rules yet, but apparently they have an updated PDF version available for free. It’s the fourth revision, I think, now called simply “Epic”.Link: http://www.specialist-games.com/epic/rulebook.aspThere are also some of the old Epic range miniatures available, although selection is limited.
Reko said…
This definetly brings back memories :) Space Marine was one of the better games from GW during a time when rules for WHFB/40k were in a constant flux.