Frets On Fire: keyboard update (Apple vs. Logitech)

So I’ve played Frets On Fire quite a lot more. It is so good. I have some issues with performance., though. It could be either the framework (I think it’s Python-based) or maybe my dual-core rig. It’s not game-spoiling by any means, but weird, as the game appears light-weight. Sometimes it skips frames in-game, and quite often the menus stutter and crawl.

My initial recommendation of my Apple keyboard for FOF is hereby withdrawn. I’ve noticed it’s no good for gaming: the feel is very nice in typing, but it’s too soft for gaming, where you often need to hold keys down for extended periods. My old, flat Logitech proved a better match, as it has only a little space on top of the function keys you need for playing, it’s light and it has a soft, yet precise digital feel.






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