Guitar Hero 360, the lack of a PS2 and Tenchu Senran, DS

All right, Guitar Hero II is coming to the 360. This is very cool, now there’s no pressure to finally get that PS2 I still haven’t bought. However, as you can see from the link, the proposed controller looks hideous. That cannot be the finalized product.


While I’m on the subject, let’s see why I still have a craving for a PS2, despite not sating my hunger years ago. I’d like to say why I don’t have one yet: because I’m cheap. I haven’t been able to justify paying so much for one when the technology is so outdated and Sony are being so arrogant. I know I’ll have to, eventually, but I’ve put it off for a long time, now.

I already have a PS2 game I really want to play: Atari’s Transformers.

Then there’s a bunch of games I think I need in my game library: Metal Gear Solid three, R-Type Final, Gradius V, Dragon Quest VIII, God Of War, the Devil May Cry series and the platform also has the best versions of the Dancing Stage series. There are a whole lot more, but these are among the titles I’m most looking forward to.


I went to the trouble of getting myself a Japanese Xbox Live account in order to download the demo of Tenchu Senran, published at Tokyo Game Show this week. I’m sorely disappointed. It looks like a mediocre Xbox game, albeit with a good draw distance and a solid framerate. The animation is shoddy, the controls are clunky and it’s still constructed from the same blocks of scenery that made up the game way back in the original Tenchu on the Playstation.

I really liked the first and second installment of Tenchu on the PS, but I did expect the series to mature and evolve by now. If the only change is draw distance, I just can’t get excited. I’ll stay posted for reviews, though, because this is a game I really want to like. And the trailer (pop-up warning!) was so exciting!

However, the DS (“Dark Secret”, heh) version is interesting, if only because it doesn’t use the same age-old presentation of the series. Instead, it takes the old Metal Gear Solid top-down viewpoint, which might fit the series very well.






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  1. […] So I finally got to play the Transformers game my wife bought me something like one and a half years ago. It is a joy to play, too bad about the Dualshock control pad’s overall clumsy feel. Considering how much its visuals have got praise, I was a little surprised to see how far behind Xbox standards they are. The art direction is absolutely spot on and it runs smoothly, but overall it reminds me more of the original Playstation’s reign than modern times. Gotta love the sheer physicality of Optimus Prime running in the Amazon though. […]

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