Happy birthday Xbox

The Xbox is five years as of today. It really doesn’t seem like so many years. Allow me to recall some Xbox moments in my life.

The Xbox party. I went to this Microsoft-sponsored Xbox party, given out by the Pelit magazine. Our crew were all readers of said magazine. It was a hoot, and I think I decided that I needed an Xbox at the event.

Dead Or Alive 3. I could not believe how good DOA3 looked. It still ranks among the top cats, mind. Instalment 4 doesn’t have nearly the same impact.

Completing Halo for the first time. I’ve done it quite a few times since – I lost count, but I imagine I’ve been through something like five times since. Also, playing Halo in co-op is a unique experience.

Hooking up on Live. I only did this with the 360 this year, but it was a revelation, nonetheless. How easy can you make online gaming?

Losing myself in Morrowind. The Xbox certainly saw many PC ports, which was nice since I couldn’t afford a gaming PC. The PC crew may boast about their mod-support all they like, they can’t take away my dozens of experiences with Morrowind on TV. Although the bugs did grate.

Listening to my music while carving up a mountain in Amped 2. Customizable playlists are a big thing to me and it’s great they’ve only made them better with the 360. I was so into Amped 2 for some time that whenever I got a new record, I ripped it to the Xbox and listened to it on board.

Kung Fu Chaos. Kung Fu Chaos was the very first item on my Xbox “want” list and I finally got it a month or so ago. It’s very good indeed and feels like a fitting goodbye to the console.

I will be playing on my Xbox for a good time to come, but I can’t see myself buying very many new games. There are still some titles I want to check out, like Otogi 2, but my heart is very much in the next-gen playground already.

It’s also fitting that the five-year old has finally learned how to talk.

GamesIndustry.biz has an article up on this, check it out.

Update: Eurogamer has put together a pretty cool list of quality Xbox titles you probably missed. Handy shopping list if you’re picking one up now that they’re as cheap as a Gamecube.






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