Mecha does the 360

I’m a sucker for mecha. That is, fictional Japanese machines of war, typically meaning giant humanoid robots wielding swords and machineguns. So Xboxyde’s new images of the forthcoming Xbox 360 Gundam game have me positively excited. Xbox is sorely missing out on mecha. There’s only the legendary Steel Battalion, but I don’t have the kind of money to buy it. There is a handful of disappointing titles available, but nothing to match the Playstation’s Armored Core and Gundam games.

This would be the second reason to get a 360. Last night we checked out Oblivion over at a friend’s (med-spec) PC. It was sweet: just like Morrowind, only better. The advances didn’t feel like major, it was still the same game, but suitably advanced. The graphical splendor was indeed impressive, but on the other hand the more realistic surroundings made the shortcomings of the gameworld’s logical consistency only more grating. That was the first time we thought that maybe we should check out the 360.

Then there’s Xbox Live Arcade, which sports the likes of Smash TV, Mutant Storm, Geometry Wars and whatnot. The “XBLA” has interested me from the get-go, but buying a brand new console just to play “old games” doesn’t seem like a very smart thing to do.

With Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (I actually used to play in a Ghost Recon clan on the PC) and the new Japanese RPGs coming out, maybe this summer would see me buying a 360. But so far there have been really too few reasons to do so, especially since we don’t have a HDTV telly.






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