Next generation sales

So all of the next-gen consoles are upon us. Well, unless you live in Europe, that is, but regardless, I found the NexGen Wars site ( interesting. They claim that the sales data is up to date – I’m not at all sure about it. The “how many people prefer which console” data isn’t at all interesting as the site is obviously targeted at the nerdcore. But if the sales data is anywhere close to the truth, it’ll be interesting to follow how the market develops, instead of forming your opinion based on separate claims made by the console manufacturers over the next year.

Not surprisingly, the 360 is leading the pack with its year-long headstart (over 7M sold), but the Wii has really gotten off to a running start (over 1M sold), leading Nintendo to speculate that it may well surpass its financial projections for the year. Sony’s 400K doesn’t sound like much, but of course they did “launch” well before they had the stock to support it. I haven’t been following the news that closely, but it seems that Sony is really getting beaten in the massmarket reviews, while Wii is welcomed everywhere.

I’m still fearing that Nintendo goes all Gamecube with Wii, though. Launching a fine console and supporting it with good releases are two different things.

Personally, I’m entrenched in the “wait and see” camp regarding the Playstation 3. It needs quality titles and a lower pricepoint to become desirable. Lacking a PS2, I’m willing to shell out a bit more for the third-gen Playstation, but so far I’ve heard nothing good. The Wii I’m ready to buy the minute there’s a couple of quality titles for it.






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