Online fees (Phantasy Star Online)

I’m completely happy with paying for Xbox Live Gold. Around 7€ per month is not much and I get a lot for that money.

However, paying for the service makes me extremely wary of paying more for individual games. I was super excited about Phantasy Star Universe, but I find it highly unlikely that I’d pay the further (around) 7€ they’re asking. I do understand that online RPGs require money to operate, but publishers (Microsoft included) should understand that the consumer view of things is that they’re already paying for the online experience.

In the case of PSU, I’m quite skeptical about the publisher’s need for the money, in any case. It’s a very simple game. I don’t have a clue as to how the load is spread between Microsoft’s infrastructure and Sega’s (the publisher in this case) – for all I know, they could be just asking for more money for the sake of it. It’s not like PSU requires ongoing development, new storylines or whatnot – it’s a social dungeon bash.

I predict that the game doesn’t sell very well and the community ends up being too small to really sustain itself. I do hope all the best for the game and I’m not saying I’d be immune to its lures despite the additional cost, but the threshold for taking part has suddenly gone way up. Let’s just say that without the additional “GUARDIANS License” monthly fee, I’d likely pick this up without a second thought.






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