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This article sheds light on the retailer side of things on the console war front. I was surprised to see how little the retailer makes on the sale of a single console. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but certainly more than $15 for an Xbox 360.


I had a weird videogame dream last night. There was an article on Eurogamer or Joystiq (both of which I follow daily) that an Insert Credit (which I read irregularly) forumite from Finland (where I live) had declared a competition to come up with four-letter words used as combat phrases in a JRPG. You know, like “ATTK”, “PASS” and so on. Can’t say what was significant about that. No, I haven’t been thinking about JRPG combat phrases lately. Weird. I remember my dreams very rarely.

Burnout Revenge

I got Burnout Revenge for Xbox yesterday. Based on a single sit-down with the game, it’s cool enough. None of that darkness I witnessed in the 360 demo, which I dare to guess is an issue with 360 games being designed for HD displays, which are most of the time (back-lit) LCD, not CRT.

The game is entirely in Finnish, which is hilarious. The voice-over doesn’t much impress, but otherwise it really brings another level of absurdity to it all. As to why I chose the Xbox version over the 360 version, well, you can’t say no to 10€.

It’s weird how fast I’ve become accustomed to the 360 being online all the time. I was so let down that I didn’t get to see global leaderboards after a race in Burnout Revenge. And I got no Live achievements for my time investment, what’s up with that?






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