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I’ve been wanting to post about Beyond Good & Evil for some time now. I’ve put it off because I wanted to get further in the game before getting all vocal about it, but what the hell. Chances are you’ve already played BG&E. Good for you. But if you haven’t, I very strongly urge you to do so right away. It’s been out for something like three years.

I knew it was supposed to be good, but this good, never. It really feels like you’ve walked into an animated adventure, complete with great pacing, acting, art and music. The character design is really very good, although the world could be perhaps a little more engaging. It’s written well, and the central gameplay is solid. The camera can be a pain, though.

It’s interesting how taking photographs of the bad guys is much more exciting than fighting them. I wouldn’t mind more games about photographers. The photography in Metal Gear Solid 2 was one of that game’s standout moments, too.

Another cool older game I’ve been at recently is FlatOut on the Xbox. We’ve played it with a couple of friends – going at the singleplayer, taking turns to get through the really rather challenging races. It’s good fun. I wonder when mere physics cease to be fun, but that day is certainly not here yet.

There are the physics-based, driver-flinging minigames, too, but I really prefer the singleplayer experience. Well, make that “communal”, perhaps… As a bit of trivia, I was on a Nile cruise with a guy working on the game some years ago. (He wasn’t at Bugbear back then, though.) I hope the soon to come sequel all the best, although I’m a little worried about the addition of explosions. The original was fine without them, suitably down to Earth, yet over the top.

And yes, I’m still playing Advance Wars DS. It’s just really very good.






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