Taking down Las Vegas (Rainbow Six Vegas)

The same night I checked out the very promising Tony Hawk’s Project 8, I got to get a taste of the Rainbow Six Vegas demo. I’ve been a fan of the Tom Clancy’s series since Rogue Spear on the PC, and especially the original Ghost Recon I played far too much of.

Put simply and based on the demo, R6 Vegas is the game I always imagined when playing Rogue Spear back in 1999. It looks so good, the animation puts you right in the midst of things, the effects (especially being wounded) are great. The action feels believable and played on the “realistic” setting, there’s quite enough of a challenge. After the disappointing but popular Rainbow Six 3 on the original Xbox, I was cautious about this, but I’m a convert. (In case you’re wondering, I’m not going to touch Lockdownafter the reviews it got.)

I imagine that this will be a Live hit, too, but the single-player experience feels a very worthwhile effort on its own.

It’s a little hard to put your finger on any single facet of the game to explain why it leaves you breathless. The excellent cover mechanic and animation are important, the instantly spot-on controls are certainly a part of it. Ragdolls are done well and you can even collect enemy weapons, always a pet gripe of the series’ fans. Facial animation is a big thing, as are the excellent weapons.

Based on demo versions, this is probably the game Ubi was hoping Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter would’ve been, if it had more time to polish.






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