Tokyo Game Show and X06

TGS & X06

I really do love Xbox Live. I like the ease of playing online games. I like the community system. I like to download demos and videos. I like the way it allows publishers to patch the games I’ve bought from them bugged.

Now I’m all excited about Live bringing the Tokyo Game Show and X06 to my home. No more relying on blogs and news sites to cover the press releases. No more waiting one to two months to get magazine coverage on the events. These events generate excitement on Live mainly because of their exclusivity: much of the content is for Live users only, only available through the 360 dashboard and only available for about a week.

Many new demos are expected. Personally I can’t wait for FEAR. (Edit: Oh! And Gundam: Operation Troy! As I’ve said before.) There will also be new videos, video coverage of press events, interviews and whatnot. A great way to get ready for the coming game season!

Microsoft is yet again demonstraring that it understands the internet. This is refreshing when compared to recent events with some other monoliths of gaming.

Battlefield 2

In game journal type of things, I’ve played Battlefield 2 lots more. Now that I’ve seen some of the other maps (a total of five, I think, of the game’s 16!), I understand why BridgeTooFar and Backstab are so popular. Still, I’m left wondering whether there are some more gems among the rest of the maps. I’m not convinced I’ll ever find out, though, because it feels like a good four fifths of all games are played on these two maps.

There is just so much to do in BF. I love driving a tank and flying a chopper. And who wouldn’t love being a gunner? And the feel of taking a flag together with a good crew is just priceless, especially if there’s heavy opposition.

The game’s totally worthless manual disgusts me, though. I still don’t know what the “PPH” in my game stats means. (Edit: well okay, I googled it. Points Per Hour. Logical, really.)

There’s also been one annoying problem: sometimes the game just won’t display a friend or foe marker on some guy and when in doubt, I tend to blast away. I’ve killed three mates because of this. It sucks to be voted to be kicked from the server!






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