Alien Hominid! (Xbox 360 Live Arcade)

Last Wednesday’s Xbox Live Arcade update included The Behemoth’s Alien Hominid HD. I downloaded the demo pronto and will buy the full version probably tonight.

Alien Hominid is a posterboy for indie development in today’s videogame marketplace. It began its journey as a Flash game on Newgrounds, was then released as a retail budget title for the consoles and now it’s available globally as a direct download to your Xbox 360. I don’t know how the budget titles did, but I know I didn’t shell out for it. The 800 MS points is nothing, however, and I believe it will find a large audience.

The Behemoth’s next title is Castle Crashers, highly anticipated among the hardcore crowd. It’s meant for XBLA release, too. These are precisely the kinds of games I want to see on XBLA – cheap, simple fun, executed to today’s standards.

The Behemoth has earned its HC credentials partially due to Alien Hominid being dead hard. It’s like Ghosts n Goblins or Metal Slug – very simple and utterly unforgiving. You die from the smallest slip and the action is hectic.






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