Blood Bowl (Xbox 360, DS, PSP)

Blood Bowl

Back from a long blogging hiatus, lots of real work and a general burnout on gaming due to the Christmas crunch basically limiting the things to write about, it is my pleasure to direct your attention to Cyanide’s digital rendition of Blood Bowl. It’s been mentioned here before, and now it looks like they’re making progress. The site has a brand new screenshots gallery up, go take a look. It doesn’t look half bad, gotta love those obviously scanned in Blood Bowl boardgame components used as billboards in-game. Cyanide is the French getup that made a Blood Bowl -ripoff, then made up with Games Workshop and is now working on an honest, licenced product.

If I’m putting together things in a correct fashion, the game is going to be both real-time and turn-based – your choice! That’s great news right there. While the Madden franchise has proved that real-time American football can work, this was always a great boardgame first.







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