Carcassonne (Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox 360)

For the past few days I’ve been mostly playing Carcassonne on the Xbox 360. It is a great digitalization of the classic board game. We’re really into it with my wife, playing against AI opponents and each other. Since playing together on the same machine seems like the ideal way to play the game, it is a little frustrating that you can only get Achievements on Live and in single-player. This really is no game for the lone gamer, save for the fact that single-player games are very quick to play and thus perfect for a ten-minute session.

For once I have nothing bad to say about the user interface; it looks very slick, is easy to read and generally works well. Well, the final score tally at the end of the game could do with the view following the counted elements… The sound is very nice for this kind of game, giving a laid-back country atmosphere to the proceedings. Let’s just say that if Band Of Bugs had presentation on this level, I had probably bought it already.

At 800 MS points (around 10 €) it’s good value, get it if you’re at all into board games and haven’t played the original to boredom. It comes with the River expansion, too, even though they’re apparently planning to add new stuff for buying later.






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