Disability and gaming, part IV: Quest on accessible games

Destructoid has a story up on a short documentary by Quest shedding some light on the world of disabled gamers and the future of accessible games. It’s really very good, check it out (below, embedding gods willing). Higher quality video on the Quest site.

I agree with the closing comments in the video, stating that the need for change has to come outside of the industry. I’d venture that as soon as a government body starts debating the issue, the big publishers step forward and implement a program while they still can. It might end up costing a whole lot more if an outsider decided what sorts of disabilities absolutely have to be accommodated.

It was sad to see the lack of attendees in the Game Developers’ Conference 2007’s accessibility design panel. Good call on putting together the accessibility arcade though!

Besides all the feel-bad, the father and son in the beginning of the documentary are immensely inspirational. Not only is the father willing to find a solution for his son’s gaming needs (replacing WASD with a jury-rig), he actually games with him. It must mean so much to be able to participate in an online game community despite your disabilities. Of course, then I recall the kind of shit perfectly healthy women have to put up in online games, and despair.






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