Disability and gaming, part three: Deafness

Deaf people have a hard time playing videogames. This shouldn’t be the case. This time a Kotaku reader is voicing his frustration for being neglected.

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft really should step up on this issue. Adding mandatory aids for those hard of hearing (for instance) should be a part of the certification process when approving new titles for release. Positive PR up for grabs!

This really isn’t a big deal, developers and publishers should just take it into account. Subtitles are not just for the deaf; almost every non-native English speaker appreciates them.

I’ve written about this before, but the issue bears repeating.


  1. Speaking of Game Design, Ernie Adams’ No Twinkie database is a classic, and all you aspiring game designers should take heed from it.


  2. joonas.laakso

    That’s excellent, thanks for the link. The issues covered do crop up… so… often.

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