Dragon, Dungeon magazine cancelled

Dragon magazine is one of my most precious childhood treasures, a then treasure trove of inspiration for tabeltop roleplaying games, especially Dungeons & Dragons. I have not read it in years, the last issue I bought was released around the time Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition launched in 2000. It does move me a bit to hear that they have decided to cancel it after issue 359 (via GayGamer). It’s been a respectable 31 years.

Dragon’s sister magazine Dungeon is also being cancelled. I think I only ever bought one issue of that. The new magazine they’re going to release, Pathfinder, is a successor to Dungeon more than Dragon, I think. I do wonder why this is the case. In Finland, the roleplaying magazine Roolipelaaja (“Roleplayer”) is something I’d love to see in an international format. They’re going the way of a periodical, focusing much more on the culture of roleplaying and almost entirely bypassing the traditional “gamemaster’s aid” approach – which is just sensible, considering that a fraction of roleplayers are actually gamemasters.






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  1. UofM-D Avatar

    I was also sorry to see Dungeon and Dragon cease publication. Dragon provided me with many ideas and variations to keep the level of DM and player interest high. I hoped that the magazine was doing the same for new gamers entering the hobby.

    I have not purchased either magazine since Wizards of the Coast stopped supporting the Mysteria and Ravenloft campaign worlds and the switch to the third edition. I have glanced through the issue on the magazine rack at times and did appreciate the artwork. The article did not provide what I was looking for in terms of support for the campaigns I was working on building. At that time our group was beginning to fade, though I was still very interested in keeping up on gaming. I found a number on Internet group that continued to expand and support the worlds. I didn’t want to spend the dollars to purchase the new rulebooks and the Forgotten Realms campaign world materials. I have the very first edition of Dungeon and a number of Dragon issues from the low 40s to continuous beginning in with issue number 50.

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