Ergonomics (Sony PSP, Nintendo DS)

Lately I’ve been playing a lot on my new PSP Slim & Lite and a little on my Nintendo DS (“phat“) and for me, Nintendo’s losing. I can’t hold the machine comfortably for any length of time. I’m not sure how much being a leftie affects the ergonomics, but playing Elite Beat Agents is torture for longer than a couple of songs. (Granted, it’s best in short bursts.) I think particularly the stylus is a big issue for me… maybe a larger one would help. At the same time, I’ve played for hours on end on the PSP Slim & Lite without any hand ache. Maybe I’ll need to check out a DS Lite, if it would be better on my hands. But this as just a note: if you’re having trouble actually enjoying the use of a handheld console due to ergonomics, give the new PSP a shot. And yeah, it does beat the old version, too, which weighed so much that I did get hand ache, albeit less than with the DS.






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