Eye Of Judgment (Playstation 3)

To quote Digg voting options, “Okay, this is lame”. Hasbro and Sony are collaborating to produce a card-battling game on the Playstation 3, using its second-generation EyeToy, now simply called Eye. It’s called Eye Of Judgment. I’m cringing here!

The idea is that you play a collectible card game á la Magic The Gathering, except your opponent is a Playstation user somewhere else. You are playing the game on-screen, but you’re using physical cards you buy from a store to play. So the laying down of cards is the actual game interface. The Playstation Eye interprets the cards and makes funky 3D monsters of the critters you summon via playing cards.

Maybe it’s just me, but this sounds like a convoluted mess. Essentially you need to both go to the hassle of collecting cards and setting up a playing area in front of the TV. Then you need to pay attention to the table and the TV. If old truths hold, you’ll also need to worry about lighting conditions to make the camera work.

Add to this that the card game has been developed for just this use and it’s almost guaranteed that it’s a stinker. Most of the collectible card games fail. The way this might’ve worked would’ve been bolting it on an existing, successful collectible card game. Then fans of the game probably would’ve bought the console extensions.

Oh well. There are so few Playstation 3 games currently out that the starving masses just might buy anything they’ve given.







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