Fallout 3 out in the wild

The first Fallout 3 previews are up; the game is not due until late 2008. I read Worth Playing’s take on it along with Eurogamer’s version (EG’s is better). It sounds surprisingly orthodox, continuing the Fallout franchise in ways that probably won’t upset too many fans (yeah, right). You”ve been living in Vault 101, you need to get out of there, you have a quest to find someone, there’s a whole world to explore on the side. And the PIPBoy is there, and so is the old statistics system SPECIAL, which I’d say is welcome indeed.

I was really suprised about the inclusion of a sort of stop-motion aiming system (“VATS”), though, even if it was still a little vague. Sounds interesting, although how it will function with the realtime game proper, we’ll need to see. The 3D visuals don’t really surprise me, but they’re looking mighty fine too. The focus on individual NPCs is really welcome after the identikit NPCs in Oblivion.






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  1. Natasha Driver Avatar

    Fallout 3 is one I’m really looking forward to, though the previews don’t have much to add to the Game Informer article. For me, it’s one of those situations where the details I’m most hoping to hear are sort of strange and specific: will you be able to place objects from your inventory into the world, like Oblivion, and will these objects remain in the world permanently where you left them. Wierd, huh? ;)

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    Considering the inventory management that was always a big part of the Fallout experience, that would help :) Apparently bullet holes will be permanent though.

    One thing that hasn’t been looked at much yet is the way the shift of focus from the PC to the consoles is changing these traditionally PC-specific games. In the last generation, this would’ve been a PC-only game – or more likely, it wouldn’t have been released at all. Especially concerning strategy titles, I’m intrigued.

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