Finland leads the way in supporting game development

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, has started a new funding program geared specifically towards games. Tekes has been a pretty big champion of the games industry in Finland before: they’ve given over 6MEUR into funding game development, whereas the whole European Union has given a total of 21MEUR (we’re around 1% of EU’s population). They have actually realised that what the development studios need money for is getting a demo out there and are willing to fund 100KEUR per project to enable just that.

There are quite a few Finnish projects either recently completed or underway that are of interest to the average gamer. Remedy (Max Payne) has Alan Wake coming out soonish, Bugbear (FlatOut) has just released Sega Rally for the PSP, Housemarque (Transworld Snowboarding) has released the widely acclaimed PSN title Super Stardust HD. And there are more – I’m not even touching the mobile phone games development.






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