Fragile egos (Microsoft, Linux, Sony, Wikipedia)

So Microsoft is banning people from Xbox Live because their names have “Linux” in them. They’re being flagged as “inappropriate language”, which is just ridiculous. Sure, it’s their playground and sure, the terms of use clearly state that Microsoft calls the shots however they feel. But this is just damaging them – acknowledging that they’re afraid to let a competing platform be mentioned on their gaming service makes them just look so… small.

Especially since they have actual problems with the Gamertag language. You know, with actually inappropriate words. There are tons of examples and you’re likely to come across several in any given Live game – and that’s just in English, the other languages (if Finnish is anything to go by) are faring even worse.

But never one to fall behind the times, Sony has been up to childish internet bullyism, too! The vandalization of the Halo 3 entry on Wikipedia is something you’d expect from a junior PlayStation fanboy, but not from someone working in the Sony UK offices.

Big players need to behave like ones to be taken seriously. There is such a thing as “your level” and it’s entirely up to your own behavior how low it’s set.






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