Great gaming, chore gaming

We had a great day of gaming on Saturday. First we played the Mountain Witch tabletop RPG, which was good (and a bit hysterical), then a medley of console games. We started with Halo 3 on the 360, playing Slayer on the same console, online. I was surprised that my friend could just load up a “guest” profile and join the fray in split-screen. I thought Microsoft would’ve not allowed non-paying gamers to join Live games, but I’m all up for it. We had much more fun as a result.

It was great to witness a friend’s first online frag. I guess you need to be a gamer to get that.

Then we switched to Warhawk on the PS3. With the Sixaxis motion controls, it was hysterical, and again, scoring a first kill after a couple of rounds of getting fragged and passing the pad around to the next contestant – it felt so good. (The neighbors must’ve appreciated it, too.) We concluded with a healthy dose of Tekken: Dark Resurrection on PSPs.

Gaming-wise, Suday was not so great. Oh, I gamed. Below is my tasklist for the next five days. I need to be reviewing this lot. Some ten hours later, I had spent the day on Halo 3 – completing it – Super Paper Mario, Heavenly Sword, NHL 08 and Enemy Territory. Good thing we’re heading out now, I’m exhausted. And there’s still FIFA 08 and Tiger Woods to go, which I haven’t even booted up yet. I’m beginning to feel that there’s such a thing as too much gaming. I guess I need to learn how to spread the load over a longer period.

The Sunday tasklist






2 responses to “Great gaming, chore gaming”

  1. Kai Avatar

    I’d love to hear a bit more about how that Mountain Witch session went. Your choice of forum and medium.

  2. Chinster Avatar

    I know what you mean about having too many games to play. I haven’t had time to get stuck into Tiger Woods yet either and I’d love to devote more time to Halo 3 online but Sega Rally is the one game I can’t get out of my disc tray at the moment :(

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