Halo 3 first impressions (Xbox 360)

Last night I sat down to play the first two missions of the Halo 3 single player. I can’t wait to get back to it – thus far it’s everything I dared to hope for. With its marketing weight, it would have to suck mightily indeed to be anything but the biggest selling title of the year, but with the care they’ve put into it, I can see it enduring.

Especially the Forge and the Theater intrigue me. Both seem like they need that community to build up to get going, but the possibilities appear intoxicating. It’s like you can’t quite see what will come out of it, but you’re sure it’s bound to be good. Communal level-building is a novel idea, but add to that the possibility to carry on deathmatching as usual in the middle of it and then replay it, stop, reposition your camera, take screenshots and whatnot… The one thing I thought missing was a chasecam, though.

I knew to expect less than stellar graphics, but they are still something of a letdown. It’s otherwise very good, often beautiful, but especially the clothes and human faces just don’t cut it. It’s only ever an issue during cutscenes and only because several games have raised the bar in a major way lately (Heavenly Sword, Bioshock, Gears Of War), but still. Atmosphere, music and voice acting all make up for it, though.






4 responses to “Halo 3 first impressions (Xbox 360)”

  1. Chinster Avatar

    Hi, good to see you have the game! If you need a co-op partner for heroic or legendary give me a shout :D

  2. Matt Avatar

    Hey i play halo 3 t2 but i just wanna know if i can do chasecam in the game i mean.. well you know that you look at the back of MC and stuff can anyone help me out?

  3. Matt Avatar

    And by the way guys id wanna play with you Chinster wtz your XboX live Name?????

  4. joonas.laakso Avatar

    In-game, the camera only switches to third person when you’re driving a vehicle or manning/carrying a turret.

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