Halo 3 statistics (Bungie.net)

Bungie really knows how to make you addicted. I just took a look at my Halo 3 stats. It’s intoxicating, really. They’re telling you your exact kills per death ratio, how it’s split between different weapons, how you do per map and all sorts of details, like how many unarmed kills you’ve made, how many kills from the grave, everyone’s average life expectancy, who gave you the biggest grief… it just goes on and on.

They extend some of this to the singleplayer experience, too – I made 825 dead aliens on my path through Halo 3, losing 97 friendlies while at it.

And the way it keeps a record of all games played is really something. I can totally see why Halo 2 is so popular, although I never got into it. I can’t figure out what I’d do with the information of the actual actions taken during the game, complete with vectors and maps, which they also display, but it’s sure interesting.






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  1. Chinster Avatar

    My stats are quite poor, but I’m not a huge online Halo player though if I could get more time I’d love to play more. The stats are indeed very comprehensive though!

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