Here we go (Mass Effect, Christmas)

Oh god, I’ve been dreading this day. Mass Effect should be waiting for me at home, along with a couple of other titles. If I hope to get a review in, it’s going to be a lot of game time. I was just sick for three days and basically played through Call Of Duty 4 and Half-Life 2, with a lot of Call Of Duty 4 multi-player on the side. Of course it’s nice to play something apart from an FPS for a change and really, I’m so hot for Mass Effect, but I had hoped to finish some older games. Mostly Bioshock and Shadow of the Colossus. And it would be nice to play some more Project Gotham Racing 4 and Sega Rally, and… Being spoilt for choice is one thing, wrestling a press deadline is quite another matter. Now I understand why the gaming press moans about the Christmas onslaught of games and then the lack of releases in the following months.

I guess I should be happy that I got Mass Effect now that I just managed to clear COD4. But there’s still at least Assassin’s Creed to play through in the coming few weeks.

First impressions on Mass Effect coming in a few days. Personally, I can’t wait.






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  1. Markus Avatar

    I Hate you.

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