Homebrew consoles (XNA, PlayStation 3, Little Big Planet)

Sony’s Phil Harrison answers Slashdot’s readers’ questions. GamesIndustry.Biz noticed a bit about encouraging homebrew development.

I am excited by the ways the console manufacturers are opening up the doors for homebrew development, although it still remains to be seen what Phil is actually referring to. Sony is no stranger to homebrew, despite the recent crackdowns on the PSP hackers – the original PlayStation’s Net Yaroze devkit is testament to that.

Which only brings me to wondering where the first Microsoft XNA offerings are held up. You’d think some would start to surface by now. Microsoft is fast losing the enthusiasm towards the opportunities offered by their XNA initiative.

I do see that the console security and cencosrship issues are a tough nut to crack. Which leads me to speculate that maybe the console homebrew market will really emerge with a title that enables easy, creative user-generated content.

A title like Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet, which is currently the only reason I’m interested in the PlayStation 3.






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