I am such a tool (Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade)

In my last post I mentioned that I couldn’t access my purchased Xbox Live Arcade titles when offline, which pissed me off quite a bit. I thought it was a glitch, but no: this is the way it’s supposed to work. I almost can’t believe what I’m reading.

I’ve always been opposed to DRM, but this is really going too far. The thing is, you can play XBLA games you’ve purchased offline, but only on the console you first downloaded them on. This wouldn’t be an issue if they tied them to the media they were downloaded to, which I could tolerate a lot better, since the 360 HDDs are not that prone to breakage, apart from the inherent long-time unreliability of HDD technology. Considering that it’s because of their unreliable hardware that I’ve had to switch consoles, I’m getting shafted here.

I suppose I need to take this up with their customer service again. FFS, they should be paying me for the time I have to spend on getting the console to work. You got a lot more damage control to work on apart from spending that 1 BN USD on the red ring of death issue, Microsoft.


Having called the local Xbox support center, they insist that the XBLA games are not tied to the console. They asked me to try using the HDD on another console to see if the games could be played offline there. I’ll do that, sure, if it helps to identify the probem. They will reimburse my used MS points so I can re-purchase the games and/or send me a new HDD, but I would lose all of my progress on the games that obviously already are on the HDD. So confusing, why can’t these things just work?






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  1. Kai Avatar

    I don’t get it. Doesn’t it (shouldn’t it) work like iTunes, where a track you’ve downloaded stays in your history so that if you lose your files you can download it again? At least that’s how I think iTunes works, I still haven’t had reason to do that myself. That would honestly eliminated the problem, because then issues like this wouldn’t really matter that much. Xbox live already knows your progress anyway, so it could just restore your achievements.

    Of course, they might think up an issue with multiple accounts on the same console, meaning that you couldn’t share games or something.

    I’m too hungry to think straight now but that kind of crap is just pathetic to be honest.

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    That’s the thing, the purchased XBLA titles are stored on the Live profile, precisely in order to avoid the problem of losing the data. Which is why they work when the console can verify that I’m the correct user. When it can’t do that due to being offline, it behaves like I never unlocked them.

    Although I’m not at all sure what to believe anymore, because the MS customer rep sounded very sure of herself, explaining that the XBLA titles I’ve purchased do not have any connection to my online status.

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