Journeys past and revisited, yet ahead (Zelda, Final Fantasy XII)

We bought Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 just now and I’m so psyched to get into it. The manual makes it sound very complicated indeed, yet I’m confident I’ll get the hang of it, after innumerable hours of effort put into it. Too bad I will need to share Playstation time with my wife, who’s a lot into RPGs.

It’s been some time I last played a Final Fantasy. I’ve gone through VII and VIII twice, although I have yet to actually complete either… stuck in the grind before the last area, if I recall correctly. I’ve also played V and VI on a SNES emulator a lot, although having failed to complete those, either. XII is interesting to me because it’s earned the highest accolades from both of my trusted reviewers (Eurogamer: 10/10, Edge: 9/10), including Edge magazine’s game of the year 2006, and also because it’s largely the child of Yasumi Matsuno, the creator of Vagrant Story and its world Ivalice, which serves as FF XII’s setting, too, along with the revered Final Fantasy Tactics.

At the same time, another gamer has embarked on a journey to revisit the Zelda series he so loves and while at it, continue the journey by playing the later Zelda games he’s never got into. Fascinating stuff, if thoroughly nostalgia-tinted.

But with FF XII, I’m kind of torn. I’d like to go home and boot the Playstation right now, but on the other hand, I want to set aside a whole day and really get into it. Hey, is that a summer vacation around the corner?



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