Killzone 2

I am not yet contemplating the purchase of a Playstation 3, but this Killzone 2 trailer (below) with gameplay footage is finally giving some reasons to get interested in the platform. Of course a lot of people still remember the shitstorm the original Killzone’s trailer kicked up, what with the actual Playstation 2 outing being a far cry indeed from what was promised – or so they say, I haven’t seen it yet myself. But the concensus is that it certainly wasn’t the Halo killer it was propped up to be.

I’m interested in Killzone mainly because it has terrific visual design – the Helghast are excellent enemies, having that envied Star Wars Stormtrooper quality about them. This new trailer shows a commendably muted color palette, something I am partial to dig after the overdone bloom effects of the current crop of action titles. Also the city setting the trailer’s (boring) squad is deployed in is muy interesting visually, with a sci-fi shanty town thing going, something from between Aliens and Hong Kong.

Eurogamer’s preview mentions a somber mood, something we can’t really see in the clichedly gung-ho trailer. If fear is actually the foremost theme, I like where Guerrilla is going with this game.






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