Love (We Love Katamari)

This Eurogamer review really sums up everything I’d like to say on We Love Katamari on the Playstation 2. It is everything I expected and I’m sad in a way for not getting to experience it earlier. It exceeds the limits of its media masterfully, making you want to wear a giraffe hat to the public. It would not be out of place in a museum of modern art.

More than any videogame I’ve played, Katamari is about love. It is blatantly obvious that Keita Takahashi loves his creation. We Love Katamari is a sequel unlike any other, more a celebration of the original than “more of the same”. And you will love it too once you play it.

Today I rolled up my first fish katamari and I had to get up and tell my wife about it. “It’s got crabs in it.” I might sound like a simpleton, but it’s love I’m feeling.






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