Ninja Gaiden 2 first looks (Xbox 360)

Oh god, yes. Ninja Gaiden 2 images were accidentally up for a moment, which promptly led them to spreading all over the internets. Check out Kotaku’s gallery if you’re so inclined. It’s looking good, which comes as no surprise, but at some level I was expecting more – it’s a little too much like the previous game.

The one thing that interests me is how they’re gonna get away with the whole flying body parts theme. The severed heads were censored from the European version (thank you, UK), which was a let-down, but when whole bodies are coming apart in every which way, what are you going to censor? Ban body parts not attached to torsos? Ban torsos? Ban moving body parts not attached to other body parts? Just what is a body part? See, this can get all philosophical awful fast. We need some ninja-skills in the ratings boards with this one.

Update: And the first teaser is out, too. Nothing much to look at yet, just Ryu’s pretty eyes and messy tools. Cool logo, though.






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