Nostalgia defined: Zzap!64 #41

Zzap!64 magazine, cover of issue 41
Zzap!64, issue 41

Oh god, this takes me back with a bang. Seriously, I’m overcome here.

The cover image is of the first magazine I ever bought, also the first English language publication I ever read. I must have read that magazine hundreds of times, 19 years ago (1988).

I did buy every Zzap!64 I could from then on, but I’m not sure where I stopped. Might be issue #73 from 1991, at least it’s the last one I recall the cover of. Logical, too, I would’ve just gone to junior high around then and been very much into Warhammer miniatures and roleplaying games, which would’ve eaten up all of my allowance. Thanks a bunch Games Workshop, you soulless bastards! (Just kidding, miniatures were actually cheap back then, I just didn’t have much pocket money.)

That cover featuring Last Ninja 2 is the single most influential visual in my life, I think, loved ones’ features notwithstanding.

The Def Guide to Zzap!64 site comes recommended to all the C=64 kids out there. Actually I’m being a bit shady here, as I never had a C=64, just the souped-up C=128D version.

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