Oh my god yes (Rez, Ikaruga, Exit, Every Extend Extra, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade)

All the better gaming blogs are having seizures as Microsoft revealed their new XBLA lineup in the Tokyo Game Show. I had heard about Ikaruga coming to the service before, which is super cool because now more people will be able to enjoy it, but it’s not a huge thing to me as I already have it on the Gamecube.

But Rez coming to XBLA is huge news. This is the most-wanted game that’s still missing from my (PS2) collection. I’ve listened to the soundtrack dozens of times. Not content with a re-release, they’re actually making a new version, entitled “Rez HD”, which I think won’t mean just upscaled graphics. I just hope they won’t mess with the music, but we’ll see, sometime in 2008.

Oh my poor heart. I think it imploded.

Update: Oh man! And there’s also Every Extend Extra and Exit, both PSP retail games, coming to the platform! I played a lot of Every Extend back when it was only the original indie freeware effort by OMEGA.

Microsoft dropped the ball with XBLA there for a while, content on releasing old arcade games and the like, but things are really shaping up nicely now. The Giraffe leads the way.







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