Okay, getting excited now (Halo 3, Xbox 360)

Well, the E3 2007 Halo 3 footage is up and running and somewhat to my surprise, I’m fast hitting the same levels of excitement I used to have for Halo 2 (which did not deliver). The Eurogamer preview sounds nice, the overall feel of things sounds like it’s closer to the original game. Open spaces, good ol’ hittin’ on sleeping Grunts, sunlight, that kind of thing.

Then there’s the whole gameplay recording aspect, which I’m afraid I’ll be spending ridiculous amount of time with. See, it captures anything up to a whole match, I think, and unless I’m reading this incorrectly, also single-player gameplay. And because it’s gameplay data, not video, the files aren’t too large and they can be played with in a very free manner – you can pause, move the camera, zoom, take stills and whatever.

Then there are the new trailers, which are both cool. The first E3 2007 trailer is a gameplay montage with classic Halo music:

The “Arms Race” teaser got my blood boiling more though, being a funky combo of live action and CGI and a fitting continuation of the first Halo 3 teaser, with the kids talking about the stars:

Not that either of these could top the classic Halo 2 trailer, but a fine effort they are. Getting antsy now!






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