One for fun (Earth Defence Force 2017)

I need this game. Playing the average run’n’gun game there’s usually a ton of inane exposition and preparation to go through before you get to the meat of the game. It’s like developers are ashamed to keep things simple. Like the 50€ price tag means you need to spend time getting excuses to have fun.

I’m also so naive that I very rarely skip the cutscenes, cringe-inducing as they are. Who knows, maybe there’s a real gem among all the crap? Yes, unlikely. One of my favorite games, Max Payne, was very much spoiled in the sequel with its greater emphasis on storyline: you can’t replay the thing, no matter how much you love the gameplay, because it makes you shift through so much sotrytelling sections. Why not include an “action cut” with only the actual, you know, gameplay scenes? And this is with a game with a very well-thought storyline which I actually enjoyed the first time through.

Apparently budget titles aren’t affected – Earth Defence Force 2017 costs less than 30 €. If only the big budget games would pick up on this. Weird as it may seem, I want to get in on the good stuff as fast as possible and I find your average videogame story painful to witness. Hell, most games do not need stories.

I’ve ranted about this a great many times, but the issue doesn’t seem to go away.






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