PC games finally wake up (Halo 2 for Windows Vista)

I’ve heard about this before, but this Kotaku post on motion sickness (I think) gives the first first-hand account of that most magical console standard feature finally making its way to the supposedly vastly more powerful PC world: insert DVD to play.

Really, I’ve wondered about this so often: console games do not require installing. Why do all of PC games require a lengthy installation? They require the media in the tray just like console games do, after all.

Apparently someone at Bungie has wondered about this, too. Halo 2 for Windows Vista does away with the installing procedure. It still does install, but does so in the background. I’m thinking we could do away with installing entirely, when you consider how much more RAM PCs have, even when taking the operating system’s requirements into account. Maybe it’s mostly a bad habit?

Consoles are all about ease of use. PC world still has some catching up to do.






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