Peacemaker (PC, Mac)

First in Edge and now in news, Peacemaker is a videogame of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I have not yet played this political game, but it’s noteworthy for several things.

It is an indie game that’s found quite a lot of press. It couldn’t have ever been made as a major release; the topic is far too sensitive, probably labeled dull and certainly unmarketable, and come on – who plays political strategy games anyway?

It is covering a complicated real-world affair with the goal of providing a better understanding of the issues on the table. I find it nothing short of miraculous if it succeeds in being a good game to boot, which it apparently does.

Greg Costikyan’s vocal Manifesto Games is distributing Peacemaker. I may have to give the demo a whirl – if you’ve played it, do tell how you found it faring.

The latest Edge covered educational games as a likely future trend that will mature a lot in the next few years. I think they just might. Games can certainly be a vehicle for displaying complicated models, such as those involving real life, politics, and economy.






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