Playstation 3, Score: 1 (Super Stardust HD)

It took some time, but there is now one reason to get a PS3 – apart from having a current-gen console in the house when the Xbox 360 is taking a trip to Germany for repair – Super Stardust HD. Eurogamer’s review (above) gave it a whoppin’ 9/10 and Penny Arcade’s Tycho said it’s “fucking fantastic”.

Okay, I’m not buying a PS3 for a single downloadable, old-school shooter, but this is still the first time I’ve felt a little bit tempted. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know that the downloadable game is Finnish in origin. Nice going, Housemarque. I wonder what you’ve been up to since Transworld Snowboarding though. I loved Supreme Snowboarding on the PC – actually, I think there hasn’t been a decent snowboarding game on the PC since.







5 responses to “Playstation 3, Score: 1 (Super Stardust HD)”

  1. Mikki Avatar

    I just reviewed it for It’s pure fun.

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    Okay, gotta check that out. Although I’m pretty sure they just went on a summer break last week?

  3. Natasha Driver Avatar

    Heh, that is a lot of money to pay for an old-school shooter, even if it is awesome. The screenshots do look nice though…

  4. Mikki Avatar

    Yeah, but we’re doing some reviews just for the web during the summer. I think it should be up already.

  5. Mikki Avatar

    A lot of money? C’mon, that’s, what, $7.99 in dollars and the equivalent in other currencies? Sure, it’s not ridiculously cheap, let alone free, but I’d say that’s a fairly decent price for an exceptionally playable shooter.

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