Prince Of Persia remake (Xbox 360)

So I hear they were doing a remake of the original Prince Of Persia for Xbox Live Arcade, with all-new graphics and whatnot. Wasn’t very interested until I saw the trailer. A very cool style, effortlessly combining the 2D aesthetics of the original Prince with the new series’ sun-baked shine.

Update on 19 June 2007: Eurogamer review, giving the game plenty of praise. One to go, then!






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  1. Mikki Avatar

    The original PoP was easily one of my favorite games back in the day — I must’ve completed it a couple of dozen times. Great game. The remake doesn’t look half bad, and if memory serves, the areas we see in the trailer are exactly as they should be.

    (I could’ve done without the monster, though — I want my old school old school, goddammit. I can only hope they can resist the urge to spice it up too much…)

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    I played this a bit last night and oh my! It is good. Looks the part, plays the part and feels so good. Sound could be better though, but I reckon I’ll be parting with 800 MS points some night on my summer vacation.

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