Project Gotham Racing 4 screenshots (Xbox 360)

The photo shooting mode in Project Gotham Racing 4 highlights both the high notes of the visuals (especially the rain as it plays on car bodies) and the graphical shortcomings, shadows, water sprays and road surfaces perhaps most prominent. The asphalt just feels a little off, artificial. It’s only praise for the level of graphical achievement of the whole package, though, that I even stop to wonder about this sort of detail.

Hot lap in London (I think)

The rain on the back of the car is really something to witness.

Another hot lap in London

It’s interesting how blur and depth focus bring these next-gen images to life. All sharp, they just look fake. I dig my Kill Bill Uma Thurman -inspired driver.






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  1. Chinster Avatar

    Nice screenies!

    I’ve been really enjoying taking photos within the game and my friends in work have been well impressed with the results.