R-Type Tactics (Say what?)

Say what? Irem is working on another R-Type game, only it’s not a shoot em up. Well it is, except in stop-motion. R-Type Tactics is something I’ve never even thought about – the idea of turning a shmup into a turn-based strategy game is fundamentally weird.

That said, I’m prime audience for the offering: I love R-Type, I love shmups, and I love turn-based strategy. It does make me wonder how it will play out – shmups are so much about the walls of bullets on the screen that you’d think the tactics would resemble a puzzle more than anything. Not that that would be a bad thing.

I was playing Ikaruga on the Gamecube again the other night, getting absolutely devastated due to lack of training. I really need those Playstation 2 shmups (Gradius, R-Type at least) I’ve been dreaming about to get some shmuppy variety…






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