Red ring of death: Epitaph (Xbox 360)

Once my Xbox 360 finally reached Germany and the hands of loving repair technicians, it was processed in one day and immediately sent back. It arrived yesterday, fully functional. I suspect it’s had its DVD drive exchanged, which might make sense, because the initial crash happened on a disc change. I might be imagining things, but it also seems quieter. Weird.

Total time for the under-warranty repair took from April 12 when I shipped the console to April 30, a total of 18 days. Not exactly impressive and I do think they should’ve done it in less than three weeks, especially since the repair itself only took one day. On the other hand, I only had to place two phonecalls, read one email and improvise a package for shipping, not spend a dime. Overall I’m willing to say that the Microsoft customer care has done its job very well.

The bloody console is not too happy, though. It’s been all moody ever since I set up static IPs on the router. The 360 can’t connect automatically, I need to do it manually, which I rarely bother with.






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