Shadowrun (Xbox 360)

Penny Arcade’s Tycho has been playing an almost complete version of Microsoft’s upcoming Shadowrun game. It’s starting to sound very nice. I played my share of Tribes 2 on the PC back in the day and it is indeed still a unique experience. It bodes well for the game if they’ve taken a leaf out of the Tribes design – at least as far as proving they have a discerning taste in FPS teamwork goes!

Shadowrun is originally a tabletop roleplaying game from 1989, still played today, and incidentally my first English-language RPG. I never played it that much but the world did grow on me. When news of an online-only, FPS affair with the Shadowrun licence surfaced, the RPG backlash was palpable. Many cried out for a sequel to the SNES RPG version from 1993 (whoah! 14 years ago!).

I don’t like the aesthetics of this new version of Shadowrun, but it is indeed starting to sound interesting. I’m getting a bit tired of Battlefield 2, so another team-based online sport is called for! Mind you, I still like Perfect Dark Zero’s Infection mode, but I never really got into it.






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