So the box got back (Xbox 360)

The Xbox 360 returned from another repair trip, this time taking 22 days, a full three days below the outermost limit they’ve set. Or to put it another way, a full week over the 15-day threshold they’re targeting. It was accompanied by an unfilled repair report, which is a great way to tell your customers that you value them. They had enclosed the one month of prepaid Xbox Live Gold, but the way they worded it, like it was something I should really value, managed to actually cheapen the deal even further. Because, you know, paying for my lost Live time is the bare minimum I expect for my continuing support.

Then when the box took quite a long time to boot up for the first time, I found myself being already let down. Every strange noise it makes, I’m ready to pack it in again. I left it downloading a bunch of demos while I played on the Wii, and kept hearing worrisome noises. The trust just isn’t there anymore, no matter how much I want to like my console. Well, what can you expect after three rounds of repairs or exchanges? In a year?

Oh, and my Live Gold subscription had canceled for some reason. It was no big deal renewing it, but it felt like another slap in the face. And I should still figure out what to do with the Live Arcade titles I’ve bought, which I can’t access anymore unless I’m online. Which is just ridiculous. But it feels like such a chore, because, well, what if I need to go through it again once the box breaks down, again? It is hard to believe that after three breakages there wouldn’t be a fourth time.






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  1. Kai Avatar

    Well, the bare minimum they should do is compensate you for lost Live time, as you said. However, considering that this has been the third time your machine has been sent for repair, making you wait 3 weeks, means that they should offer you a replacement machine for the time it’s being repaired ( ). I’m not advocating an all-out complaint war against Microsoft, as I don’t believe in the “I’ll take this to the authorities, just you wait” tactic. However, waiting over a month in total for a machine whose typical faults have been acknowledged (to the best of my knowledge, at least) to be repaired with no end in sight is just really frustrating.

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