Still on Dead Rising (360)

I haven’t played anything except Dead Rising since I got the game, so this is a game journal type of update on the experience. (I’ve considered trying to finish Burnout Revenge, but couldn’t be bothered to turn on the old Xbox.)

The typeface issues have become somewhat less bothersome. With practice and familiarity, I can make out what I’m supposed to do, and the random dialogue doesn’t much bother. It’s a pain, but not an unbearable one.

I’m a little over hafway into the main story and have had to restart the whole game once due to saving without enough time to make it to the next “case” (checkpoint). There’s still some areas to explore and I keep coming across new weapons, costumes and items all the time. Then again, I haven’t really explored my surroundings, instead concentrating on solving the case and saving any civilians I can. It’s plain that I absolutely cannot save even the majority of the folks in need of rescuing, simply due to being too weak for now. That doesn’t bother me.

The story is survival horror crap with ridiculous, distinctively Japanese overtones that is unfit for TV and only permissable in a videogame due to being entirely disposable. It doesn’t bother me at all; it’s like the plots of ninja movies: just stuff to laugh through between the bloodshed.

The game “scenario”, as the Japanese put it, withstands repeated and continued play. Survival is always a challenge, let alone escorting the civilians. You need to change strategies all the time and there are surprising boss battles in the form of psychopathic humans around every corner. I have yet to try mixing the foodstuffs, too. I only tried the motorcycle yesterday.

The game has managed to completely surprise me a great many times, usually in a hilarious fashion. I won’t soon forget the time I took down the cult boss, wearing nothing but a Mega Man helmet and my boxers, swinging a baseball bat. I wasn’t even being intentionally foolish, I was just a victim of cirumstances.






2 responses to “Still on Dead Rising (360)”

  1. Matt Avatar

    good job on the cult leader man. anyways wat lvl are u?

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    I can’t remember, my 360 is being repaired. I think I still have around half a day to go before helicopter pickup.

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