Talisman (Xbox Live Arcade)

I’ve been waiting for news of Settlers of Catan’s release to Xbox Live Arcade to surface. Now Capcom’s bringing us boardgaming goodness, too: they’re bringing Games Workshop’s beloved Talisman to the service. Don’t get me wrong, Talisman never was a very good game, but we played it a lot regardless and I imagine it could be a hoot on the console, too. Although presentation will play a very big part, hope they get it right. I’m not sure if I want a straight-on recreation of the actual boardgame or if a “modern” 3D take would be better, but apparently it’s the 3D route they’re taking.






2 responses to “Talisman (Xbox Live Arcade)”

  1. Kai Avatar

    Woohoo! What’s next? Hero Quest?

  2. joonas.laakso Avatar

    Give me a decent turnbased rendition of Warhammer 40’000 or Epic and I’m game.

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