The Forge and the Theater (Halo 3, Xbox 360)

There’s a lot to do in Halo 3, as it’s essentially a fully fledged multiplayer game married to a fully fledged singleplayer game, and now there’s the Forge to take in, too. We played some Forge locally, with three players. After the initial confusion, it really changed the way you played. You can spawn anything you need and when surprised, you can just transform to a Forerunner sphere, in which form all the editing is done, and fly away. I got killed many times, playing around with the building options – the sphere isn’t indestructible, just a small target.

Very quickly, interesting tactics arose. In a pinch, I flew hiding into the branches of a tree to spawn some proper weapons, then dropped down out of the cover to collect them. I also killed someone by flying a crate into him as a sphere, which was mostly hilarious. Seeing items you’re placing on the field as weapons is something truly new. I expect the Forge to spawn a very interesting multiplayer culture, not to mention custom-built levels from the ones Bungie has prepared.

And the theater, then. I spent a good two hours replaying and reframing my gameplay from both an online Slayer duel and my singleplayer campaign. Taking the perfect screenshot was something I found very difficult to put down, as well as saving short clips of the best moments (“my first vehicular kill”). If this kind of thing becomes common in games, as I might expect, I’m going to spend an awful lot of time re-interpreting my actual gameplay experiences.






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  1. Chinster Avatar

    I also had my first forge game tonight. I struggled as I didn’t know it was forge and didn’t know what to do. Before long I was spawning banshee’s and wreaking merry havoc around me, until I ran out of money :)

    Great idea, very silly (in a good way) and also different.

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