The last Bioshock article you will need to read

Gamers With Jobs has an excellent article up shedding considerable light into what’s going down in Bioshock.

Author Julian Murdoch sits down with Ken Levine and after interesting stuff on overall design and AI – some of which sounds so good that I’m afraid we’re bound to be disappointed when it’s finally here – we get the goods on what the game is about. I have always been a great fan of games with meaning, just on a principle. With titles likes Bioshock, it’s starting to feel that videogames are finally growing up. Not that I can mention too many games with alike weight, but Haze comes to mind.

Although I have to add that Eurogamer’s article, probably based on the same PR visit to Irrational as Murdoch’s, is also very good.

Eurogamer has really been stepping up their game lately, delivering quality videogame journalism, piece after piece. But they’re certainly not alone – when I gave up reading other print magazines than Edge, I thought I was giving up on quality articles. But now I have more stuff lined up in browser tabs and temporary bookmarks than I have time to read. This Bioshock article has been sitting in a tab for 29 days! And I’ve entirely given up on keeping up with The Escapist, which is certainly a quality weekly release, because I just don’t have the time to read it. Damn, some time management may be required here, because I don’t want to miss out on quality stuff.






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